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Proudly petite and elegant.

The Prague has a fully upholstered back and no back cushions so the front to back measurement is less than most sofas – perfect where space is a premium.

Got a wooden floor? Tell us and we’ll pop felt pads on your sofa’s feet.

Armchair: £995 plus 8-11m fabric
Two seater: £1195 plus 12-13m fabric
Two and a half seater: £1295 plus 13-14m fabric
Three seater: £1395 plus 15-16m fabric
Four seater: £1495 plus 17-18m fabric


Standard Sizes

  • Chair

    108 x 81

  • Two seater
    Two seater

    158 x 81

  • Two and a half seater
    Two and a half seater

    83 x 81

  • Three seater
    Three seater

    208 x 81

  • Four seater
    Four seater

    246 x 81

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