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The Sitter

Refined and composed, you like to sit and observe. Go for a high-back with medium-arm.
(Kazumi or Prague.)

The Sprawler

You like to spread out. Sit in the corner of a high-arm sofa so you’re supported all round.
(Sorrento or Colossus.)

The Rester

Sofa time is all about you. Make the sofa yours, stretch out and rest your head on a low-arm.
(New Yorker or Vienna.)

The Curler

Sociable and chatty, you most comfortable curled into the corner of a high-arm sofa.
(Sorrento or Colossus.)

Your gut reaction tells you whether you like a sofa or not. But it’s worth spending a little time thinking about how it will look in your room. Different shapes will make different impressions. And sometimes the shape of a sofa might affect how you use it.

Sofas with low arms are especially comfortable for resting arms or heads on (great if you like to lie on a sofa). And low arms often give the illusion of taking up less space.

Sofas with high arms, where the arms are level with the back, are good to snuggle up in. And having the option of using the arm for back support means you can comfortably sit at an angle, rather than just face forward. Sofas with high arms work particularly well in large rooms and rooms with high ceilings.

Look in magazines for ideas about shapes and how they work with different styles of furnishings and decor.

Do I want a red, blue, pink or purple sofa?

Choosing a covering is probably the most difficult decision: the options can seem limitless. Actually, they are virtually limitless, so this is where you need to be clear about what you’re looking for.

I’m not sure what colour I want...
Your colour options depend on whether you’re just buying a sofa, or whether you’re in the middle of redecorating your whole room.

If your new sofa needs to fit in with your existing decor then you already have your ‘palette’. This is the colour range of your walls, curtains and floor coverings and is your starting point. Look for a colour that’s already in the room and try to match it. If you’re struggling, consider a strong neutral – these colours are easy to fit in with most colour schemes.

If your new sofa is the first purchase in a long decorating project – for instance if you need a sofa now but intend to change everything in the room over time – choose the palette from something you love. This could be a painting, a cushion, or a piece of decorative pottery - anything that you particularly like. If it’s something that will always be in the room then so much the better: it will help tie the room together when you’re done. Choose a fabric that matches a colour in your chosen lovely item and you’ve taken the first step towards a beautiful room that expresses your taste.

Still confused about colour? Talk to one of our team. We’re here to help.

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